Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bought a New House? Don't Want The Stair Lifts?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get rid of the old lifts in the house you just bought? People, who buy new houses, often want to renovate several things to match their lifestyle and aesthetic sense. Suppose you got a great deal on a wonderful house and the real estate agent managed to convince you that the stair lifts on the staircases won't come in your way. Now if you do not have any wheelchair user or physically disabled family member, you can get rid of the stair lifts very conveniently. There are professional removal service providers and they will uninstall any unwanted contraption on your stairwell without leaving any trace of the lift. A final touch of paint on the walls will get rid of all traces that might have been left over from the last lift.

However, if you bought a house with lifts in it, chances are that you wanted it in when you occupied the house. But if the contraption is not usable, you will require change it before anyone gets to use it. Unless the lift is seriously broken, you can set things right with just a few adjustments and repairs. Only on rare cases, you might have to make huge changes and remove the old one to make place for new stair lifts.

Removing old lifts is as easy as calling a removal service expert and arranging for everything. These are commonly found in every affluent neighborhood, in case you don't have one where you live look it up on the internet or try the yellow pages. Dislodging the stair lifts from the wall holdings does not take long and will often be completed in less than a day.

It might so happen that you could not find any good lifts removal expert in your area, in such case, you will have to ask a local mason to render his services. Though this is not the best way to go about, you will at least have the clutter cleared.

Reinstalling New Stair lifts

Assuming you know all about the types of stairs and all, you will need to find a company that covers your area. You might again want to check the local yellow pages and the internet. Finding no reliable stair lift manufacturing company is fairly common. To solve this problem many companies have set up online storefronts for areas where there are no local offices. These companies are very reliable. Thanks to their online services, many people who never thought about having any modern mobility aid in their houses now enjoy the service of stair lifts.

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