Sunday, October 21, 2012

Add a Modern Wall Fireplace to Every Room of Your Home

Unlike a traditional wood-burning fire that requires a chimney and proper ventilation, a modern wall fireplace that is fueled by bio ethanol, gel or electricity can be mounted in any room of your home. In fact, since they do not compromise air quality at all or require any special ventilation, you can safely add one to every single room in your home. Just imagine what your guests will say about your home when they are greeted by a dancing flame in every room.

    Entryway - Few people actually set out on a mission to buy a modern fireplace for the entryway of their home, but really, this is the perfect place to showcase one. Why not allow your guests to feel instantly welcome the second that they walk through the door? There is something just magical about walking through the door, and seeing a dancing flame right away. You instantly feel welcome.
    Living Room - Most people who buy bio fireplaces, do so for their living room. Even a plain room will instantly echo of sophistication with the presence of one of these pieces of art mounted on the wall. They create a strong focal point, and in all fairness, this is likely the room that you spend the most time in, so it should be relaxing and inviting.
    Bedroom - This is the second most popular room that people buy bio fireplaces for. If you are like many others, you probably relax in bed before calling it a night and going to sleep. Many people watch television in here rather than the living room. Plus, this is the best place to curl up with a good book. You may as well enjoy a modern wall fireplace while you are relaxing, especially since the fire can easily be put out when you are ready to go to bed.
    Dining Room - Whether you have an actual dining room or simply a dining area in your kitchen, this is the perfect place for a modern wall fireplace. You do not have to leave it lit long. Just light it while you eat, even if you are alone!
    Finished Basement - Do you have a finished basement that you use as a bar, game room or media room? This is the perfect space to buy bio fireplaces for. Basements are always damp anyway, so in addition to adding ambiance to the space, the fireplace will provide warmth too.

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