Sunday, August 19, 2012

Choosing Colours And Patterns Within Your Home

Furniture and accessories are what makes a house a home and there is so much choice available that creating something that is unique and personal is much simpler today than it used to be. There are so many different colour shades, patterns, textures etc. that it can be hard making a decision as to what you want to buy, and then where to put it.

Starting off searching for wallpaper designs and paint colours can be a great place to start. Wallpaper used to be something that people tended to stay away from as it had an old traditional stigma attached to it because of the old fashioned designs. Today designers have created a wide range that takes ideas from things people see regularly including flowers, bricks, wood, butterflies and more. Adding these natural touches to a feature wall in living rooms is a very popular choice and is a great start when you want to add a number of colours in.

With smaller elements or more colours in the wallpaper, it gives you a great base to lead off for the rest of the room. Choose a simpler shade of paint to accompany bolder wallpaper designs. You can then take the bold colours within the paper and use them as inspiration for items such as cushions, canvases, rugs and more. Keep the subtle colour going through the home by using it for the carpet or perhaps opt for laminate flooring.

Of course when picking colours for a room you need to take into consideration what the room is used for and who will be spending the most time in it. If it is a living room where the whole family spend time and there are young children within the household then opting for white walls might not be the best option. If it is your own bedroom walls that you want to paint white then this would be fine. Practicality needs to fit hand in hand with design and style in a family home. If it is just a single person or couple in the home then the style can suit the people without having to worry about little fingerprints and dirty shoes. Pets are another aspect to consider and especially so during the decoration process of a house. You do not want stray bits of fur sticking to your freshly painted wall, and pets should not be in the room to smell the fumes of paint! Keep these things in mind and you will be able to create a home that is just right for you.

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